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Heilongjiang Applied Technical School is a private secondary vocational and technical school approved by the Provincial Department of Education in 2005, with the national enrollment code 6865。In the past 15 years, the school has been guided by various national educational laws and regulations, and has continuously promoted the standardized and scientific management of the school。Formed a distinct characteristic of engineering, now offers 4 categories of 15 majors, all levels of all types of students more than 2000 people, the school teaching hardware and software conditions are superior, profound cultural heritage, has become one of the representative schools of our province with distinctive characteristics, standardized management of private technical schools。

After 15 years of running the school, the school has formed a management team with the combination of old, middle-aged and young people and professional dedication. At present, there are 5 people with G-grade titles, 15 people with intermediate titles, and more than 68% of the teachers with bachelor's degree or above. At present, the total number of teaching staff is 82, and there are more than 2,000 students at all levels。

The school has a reasonable management structure and a sound organization. It consists of the Principal's Office, the Department of Educational Affairs, the Department of Student Works, the teaching and research section of each specialty, the Department of Student Status, the Office of student aid, the class teacher's office of each grade, the employment center, the Admission Office, the apartment center, the catering center and other departments, departments and offices。There are a group of backbone teachers and management cadres who have been practiced for many years in education and teaching work, which have laid the organizational foundation and human resources foundation for the full implementation of the educational policies of the Party and the State and the completion of the school's education and teaching tasks。

At present, the school has 5 departments and 16 majors。The Department of Computing offers computer network technology,Electronic commerce, graphic design, architectural decoration, animation design five majors;Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering openedAutomobile operation and maintenanceCNC machining technology, electrical intelligent technology application, welding technology four majors;Modern Services Department opens aviation services,Urban rail transitOperation management, tourism services and management。The Department of Management Science offers computerized accounting,marketingThree majors in business management。Department of educationPreschool education专业。

The school has been in operation for 27 years,Formed a complete education culture and education concept,The core values of "running education with love and reporting the country with education" are put forward,Summed up the concept of "moral character is the platform, persistence is hope, skill is wealth, knowledge is power",Put forward the three culture of education: the military culture with discipline as the core,Dance culture with happiness as the core,Gratitude as the core of the family culture"。Put forward and summarized the implementation of education culture of eight unified: namely: unified overlapping,Unified exercise,Eat breakfast uniformly,Unified reading,Uniform tracing red calligraphy,Unified diary,Keep a unified living account,Unified life class daily management eight unified code of conduct,Learn for your classmates,The work has laid a good foundation for learning and living behavior and ideological moral character。

At present, the school has set up order classes and dual system pilot work in the major of automobile operation and maintenance and graphic design,Modern apprenticeship reform for students in all majors,Classroom teaching is closely integrated with the needs of enterprises and employers,In 2018, the school invested more than 1.5 million yuan in education and teaching equipment for auto repair,Further improve the professional dual system pilot work。Graphic design specialty has carried out the dual teaching pilot work,The system of responsibility for basic courses, practical courses and practical training projects has been reformed and piloted,In the classroom teaching content, teaching form, classroom organization, practical teaching and other aspects of the reform and school-enterprise cooperation pilot,At present, good results have been achieved,By the majority of students and employers alike praise。

The school has invested nearly 2 million yuan in 2019,The living service facilities of the school teaching campus have been upgraded,More than 3,000 square meters of modern teaching and laboratories have been newly invested,Private bathroom modern student apartment more than 600 beds,Food centers and so on have been comprehensively upgraded,To further expand the scale of the school,Better play the school's engineering characteristics,Good service to the local economy of our province and city has laid a good hardware foundation。

In terms of employment, at present, our school and Changchun FAW and other large and medium-sized state-owned enterprises, listed companies signed an order-type training agreement and employment agreement, students graduation is employment, to achieve a direct docking with employers, a very good solution to the problem of student employment。At the same time, we support a group of students who are willing to start a business and have a professional foundation to embark on the road of entrepreneurship and cultivate a group of entrepreneurial stars。

The school also actively responded to the national call,Actively participate in the work of peer study,School and Heilongjiang Tourism Vocational and Technical College,Harbin Vocational and Technical Vocational College has signed an agreement on matching,The agreement has been approved by the Heilongjiang Provincial Department of Education,And start executing,It has laid a good foundation for the graduates of our school to further enter the college after graduation,Better meet the needs of some students to improve their academic qualifications,At the same time and higher vocational college cooperation,Learning through exchange,To a corresponding extent,It has improved the school-running strength and level of our school。

In the course of running a school for many years,The school has always adhered to the original intention of running education with love,We will continue to help children from poor families go to school,Through social aid, grants, and school fees and other forms of funding,Let a large number of students in poor areas,Including corresponding groups such as orphans,Walked into the school gate,Learned professional skills,Find your dream job,The school enrolled one poor student,Develop a skilled person,Give the company a qualified employee,Solve the cultivation goal of a family out of poverty and becoming rich。

At present, our school is in a critical period of development. The state has put forward higher training requirements for vocational education in the new era, students and parents have more expectations, and employers have more diversified employment needs。In order to meet the requirements of all sectors of society, well adapt to and complete the new requirements and new measures put forward by vocational education in the new era, we will further improve the quality of education, expand the scale of education, complete the mission and responsibility of vocational education personnel in the new era, and live up to the expectations and support of all sectors of society。

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